Our Credibility


With 10+ years of tutoring, mentoring and teaching under her belt, our founder and president has gained a good reputation in the academic services field. Ratings for Rachel may be found at ratemyprofessors.com.

Parent Testimonials

Why Rachel is a wonderful tutor. You can see her passion for teaching in various ways such as motivating children in difficult subjects while increasing their self-esteem and putting in extra time outside of the lesson in order to make sure she understands the teacher’s instructional method so that the student is not confused. Our child’s test scores have increased and Rachel has encouraged her in a very difficult subject. She is dependable, does not reschedule the lessons and charges time appropriately. -Nicole M.

Rachel helped our daughter to raise her ACT score by six points! Our daughter has ADD and Rachel constantly reminded her to “tune in” when she would see our daughter’s mind wandering during sessions. Rachel was professional and on time for all sessions. Her rates were competitive with other group classes we had tried and we had much better results with Rachel. I have recommended her services to many friends. -Kate L. 

Rachel’s On Time was just the service we were looking for when it came to helping our son raise his ACT score. Our son is smart, but his previous ACT scores were not reflecting his true capabilities. By working with Rachel, he was able to raise his ACT score up by 7 points!!! Not only did he raise his score, but also his academic confidence was raised. The lessons that Rachel taught our son will span across his future academic career. I cannot recommend Rachel’s On Time enough! Do not waste your money or time on commercial ACT prep services, go ahead and book Rachel if she’s available. -Elizabeth R. 

Student Testimonials

Rachel is an amazing person to work with when looking for a tutor for the SAT/ACT. Over a two-week period, she helped me to improve my test score by almost 100 points and achieve my personal SAT goals. What I liked the most about working with Rachel is how personalized she makes your tutoring sessions. If you do not understand a concept, then she will go the extra mile to explain it to you and make sure that you fully understand what you need to know to be successful on the test, going as far to come to the next tutoring session worksheets tailored to what you need to be practicing. I would highly recommend working with Rachel if you are looking for a tutor that is extremely helpful, uplifting, and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. – Logan H. 

I have been tutoring with Rachel’s On Time for five months, and it has helped me so much! Rachel is wonderful at scheduling sessions on time, keeping communication open between myself and my tutor, and ensuring that my tutor understands the material I struggle with. I have been tutoring with Elizabeth, hand picked by Rachel, and my class average in calculus improved by 20 points over the semester. Elizabeth is able to effectively communicate complex ideas in a way that makes sense to me, and she will continue to explain a problem until I completely understand it. I tried four other tutors at the beginning of this year and no one was as helpful, affordable, or as reliable as Rachel’s On Time. -Bianca B.

Rachel has a gift to make ideas, lessons, and/or concepts easy to grasp and relate to. She can morph a lesson and apply it to our everyday life, so we can learn the material and recollect the ideas during tests. Javier P. 

She has a wonderful teaching method that really helps the students understand what the material is over. Not only does she teach it, she also knows how to make you understand the concept. [Rachel] has also broadened my horizon in the scientific field. She’s opened new and exciting doors into career paths that I never knew existed. Samantha G.